The Purpose
of My Life?

We use this pamphlet as a tool for explaining what salvation in Christ is according to the Bible. It’s based on symbols that have been in use for a hundred years; for a more detailed explanation please see the “More About this Pamphlet” page.

To get a quick look at the contents of the pamphlet, click on the Cover above. For a more detailed look at each panel, go to our “Look Inside” page.

We encourage you to download the pamphlet from its “Download” page, for personal or group study, or for use in public presentations. You can download it for either screens or for printing out. If you are printing it, you have the option to type in your information, such as your name or email address, before doing so, in case you want to distribute it to others.

To help explain the pamphlet we’ve created a series of brief videos called “The Salvation Series”:

If you would like help praying for salvation, you can use our “Prayer of Salvation Video” on our video page.

And, for a quick introduction to the the Salvation Series you can watch this video, “And So We Wonder…”: